Women Empowerment Project

The population of Nkoransa is a simple farming community in the Brong Ahafo Region of the Republic of Ghana. They earn a living through the production and marketing of agricultural products to a nearby District. The women look after the home with the help of the children who only go to school when it is convenient.

The population is about 25,000 of which there are 11,175 (44.7%) women and young girls, 6,100 (24.4%) children and 7,725 (30.9%) men. The women are almost exclusively house wives with very small agricultural holdings. About 50% of the children go to school. It is estimated that at least 60% are unemployed.

During community consultations it emerged that the women are mostly unemployed and as result they have low or no incomes. The lack of income affects many aspects of their lives such as health, and education. The children are unable to attend school regularly because they are unable to afford the school fees and other materials such as books. As a result of the above, a vegetable farming project was requested. This is to help the women improve on their daily lives and that of their children.

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